Olivier Charlier, violin
Emmanuel Strosser, piano
Sung-Won Yang, cello


Trio Owon was born in 2009, from the merger of three musicians from the Paris Conservatory, united by the same passion for chamber music.

Their goal is to share with its audience a fully integrated vision of music, committed by a group without boundaries, resulting from a rich and varied artistic inspiration.

Through concerts and recordings in England, France, and Korea, Trio Owon already stated its identity made of passion and maturity, like the painter whose name they bear. 

photo by Namyong Choi

Painter of Nature, emotion and poetry, OWON Jang Seung Up, embodies for the trio Owon the universal dimension of Art.

Contemporary of Brahms, but from a completely different aesthetic world, it symbolizes the quest of an ideal result of tradition and renewal in the nineteenth century Korea.

His story brought to the cinema (Strokes of Fire, prized at Festival de Cannes in 2002), reveals the doubts and commitments of an undaunted artist.

Beyond the anecdote (his name’s sound summarizes some of our three first names…) here it symbolizes the osmosis between knowledge and modernity.