photo Jean Lim

I am very pleased to welcome you all for the 2nd Edition of Festival Beethoven in Beaune and I would sincerely like to thank the city of Beaune, my friends the winemakers, my friends the patrons, the technical team of Theatre de Beaune and ACEM for their unreserved support of the festival.

Music makes me think about life, the lives of others, those living or those that lived in the past. I think this, because music and life have always been directly linked and cannot be separated from each other.

Beethoven has always composed to help enlighten humanity and help us come closer to a better world through open, honest and distinguished music that only he could write.
Through his art and works, for over 200 years, he continues to convince and make us feel that the soul exists. This is just like the great wines of Burgundy where, for centuries, the roots of the vines have searched for the soul of each terroir in the depths of the earth so as to communicate their greatly varied expressions.
This year, once again, we will have magnificent artists that travel the world and who always have a special place in their hearts for the music and spiritual values of Beethoven and the other composers programmed this year.

For all of us performers, music is an art form that is perhaps better than language for describing certain feelings, a life or even for evoking memories of life. It is through these qualities that a composition is transformed into a living art form when performed on stage, and that is exactly when music can live in the minds and souls to help connect people.

I invite you all to be part of the Festival Beethoven in Beaune by sharing it with your friends and loved ones; as if these wonderful moments and heritage can be widely shared, it will contribute to humanity and fulfill the desires of our great composers.

Sung-Won Yang.