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The Beethoven Festival in Beaune is back for its fifth edition on the theme “Deep Roots,” reflecting the festival’s mission to honor the profound impact of classical music composers such as, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Schubert, on our musical heritage.

This year, the festival will feature exceptional international artists, including Christophe Coin and Bertrand Cuiller who will perform a Bach program on the opening night, Momo Kodama and Sunhae Im who will take the audience on a journey of great lyrical pages and intimate music by Mozart, the Chaos Quartet who will pay tribute to our dear Ludwig van Beethoven, and finally, to close the festival, Emmanuel Strosser and Olivier Charlier will join me with a Schubert program featuring the piano trios composed in the last twelve months of his life.

The festival aims to demonstrate the relevance and importance of classical music to contemporary audiences, highlighting the lasting influence of these four composers who have marked our recent civilization. Just as a great vintage wine can transport us to a different time and place, classical music has the power to transport us to the heart and soul of the composer’s vision of different places and times; Musicians play a crucial role as the “deep roots” of the soul and spirituality of these composers to express them in the universal language of music.

The Beethoven Festival in Beaune invites you to delve into the rhizomes of classical music and explore the rich and diverse traditions that have shaped this heritage over the centuries, just as our beloved Burgundy wine has deep roots in the soil and history of a region.

The entire festival team looks forward to welcoming you for this celebration of music.


Sung-Won Yang, artistic director


photo Jean Lim