Marina Chiche, violin
Laurent Marfaing, alto
Sung-Won Yang, cello
Enrico Pace, piano

Franz. Liszt; Works for Cello and Piano

  • Elégie No. 1, S. 130
  • Consolation No. 1 and No. 4, S.172
  • Romance Oubliée, S. 132
  • Consolation No. 6, S. 172
  • Lugubre Gondola, S. 134
  • Consolation No. 3, S. 132
  • Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth, S. 382
  • Cantique d’Amour, S. 173 (arr. by Enrico Pace and Sung-Won Yang)


Brahms; Piano Quartet No. 3 in C minor Op. 60

Dans la lignée de l’école française de violon, Marina Chiche est l’un des talents les plus prometteurs de la scène musicale internationale.
France Musique

“Enrico Pace and Sung-Won Yang gave full value to Beethoven’s elements of surprise, of dynamic contrasts, and musical intensity”
La Gazetta di Parma. 

Mr. Yang  filled out the first half of the program with a vital rendering of Beethoven’s Cello Sonata in A (Op. 69)…and gave precise, spirited performances that reflected and at times amplified that energy.
New York Times.